Semi-funny, semi-political activist DL Hughley, among other black celebrities, have taken to social media to express their frustration at the backlash Cam Newton received for his comments at a press conference yesterday.

DL Hughley wrote on Twitter yesterday:

Let’s talk about what this is implying. This is implying that Donald Trump can say whatever he wants even if it’s incredibly sexist and America loves him, but if a black athlete or celebrity does or says something not even close to a Trump remark, then America is outraged.

Wrong. America is insanely divided on political correctness. And guess what? The reason Trump became POTUS is because the people who voted for him don’t give a damn about being PC! And they definitely don’t give a damn about what Cam Newton said yesterday, they probably even chuckled a bit.

DL Hughley and every other black celebrity who’s outraged about Cam Newton’s backlash needs to take it up with the people who got offended and forced him to apologize today. And by people I mean the left, MSNBC, CNN, and almost every other major network. They’re the sole reason Cam Newton apologized yesterday, not Trump, not the Trump supporters, not level-headed, critical thinkers, but the left, and only the left.