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A Sasquatch allegedly causes an Idaho crash, Fox News reports. The woman claims that she was distracted by Bigfoot in her rear view mirror when she crashed into a deer.

A woman from Northern Idaho was driving down the road when she noticed a deer running along side the road. When she peaked in her rear view mirror, she thought she saw something that appeared to be a Sasquatch. During the distraction, the deer ran out in front of her, causing her to wreck.

The police report noted the accident as being caused by a deer, but nothing was said about the alleged Bigfoot sighting. According to The Kansas City Star, the lady stated that the Sasquatch was approximately eight-foot tall and shaggy looking.

Bigfoot sightings have been very popular. In Idaho, in particular, BFRO has reported several Sasquatch sightings in Idaho. In October 2015, a man and his brother and father were in Clark County, Idaho hunting Elk when they allegedly spotted not one, but two Sasquatch’s.

According to the report, the three men were setting up in different locations in a widespread area near where they were camping for an evening hunt. After the one man was set up in his spot, he noticed what he thought was two hunters ruining his hunt in a distance. When the two “people” continued walking towards him, he noticed that these were not people at all, but two all black figures. Read More